About us

TennisVacanze is an Amateur Sports Association founded in 1977, which has been involved in the organization of study stays in England for 45 years.

For a limited number of students aged 11 to 17 we offer language courses in July and August with accommodation in the historic and spectacular Christ's College in West Sussex, just outside London.

Departures from Milan and Rome with companions who stay with the students for the entire period. Plenty of sports, trips and excursions to London and Brighton are on the agenda.

In collaboration with the ELC residential school (open all year) in the Eastbourne and Chester offices we organize language courses for young people under 16, for adults and also for over 50s, with the possibility of combining English with sport and, with accommodation in select English host families or in studios (this option only in Chester city center).

The school also offers a wide range of courses that prepare for the Cambridge First, Advanced and IELTS exams, to be able to obtain those qualifications that will help you achieve the best goals in the future, whether in study or work or simply for personal satisfaction in your life. And if, at least for now, you don't feel like traveling or you can't leave for study or work reasons; or you want to get back to some of your English before tackling a challenging on-site course, Elac, which takes care of the courses at the college, offers online courses for young people and adults, in small groups.

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