When enrolling a child a deposit of
€ 200 is required for the summer courses in Italy
€ 500 is required for the courses abroad.
No deposit fee is required for pupils sponsored by Ali - Intesa Sanpaolo, Bracco, Novartis, Syngenta and Sandoz.
If a child is enrolled in more than one course the relevant applications must be filled.
If a child withdraws no deposit fee will be refunded.
Methods of payments:


Credit Cards Payments

ccCredit cards accepted: Visa or Mastercard.
Once the application is filled we will divert you to the cards Secure Enrollment. A confirmation email will be sent.

Bank money transfer

A bank money tranfer is required whitin five working days from the day of the application. A confirmation email will be sent once we receive a photocopy of the money tansfer. After 5 working days the application won't be accepted. 

The reference of the money transfer must include the child's name.
TennisVacanze Banking Details are as follows:

IBAN IT73R0801634420000027093062
Codice Swift: CCRTIT2T40A
Cassa Rurale Alto Garda

Please send the photocopy of the money tranfer to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

INFO 338.6949881

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