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Camino Francès de Santiago de Compostela

from Sarria to Santiago (114 km) in the region of Galicia - Spain


A new program for our old and new friends, for friends of friends and for those who, having received news on social media or other channels, want to join.
A program of short duration but of great emotional intensity, we will go on the last stretch of the historic path of "Santiago de Compostela", specifically the "Camino Francés", the Jacobean itinerary with the most historical tradition and the most internationally recognized , a World Heritage Site protected by UNESCO.

This route is the best known by pilgrims who begin their adventure on the way for the first time. A simple but extremely suggestive route among the tall eucalyptus trees of Galicia, which we will carry out in 5 days for a total of 114 km until we reach the fascinating Santiago in the presence of the Cathedral of San Giacomo.

A few days to savor time at a walking pace, out of the daily chaos, commitments, appointments, a thousand big and small things to do every day.
The pleasure of walking alongside friends, and finally having the time for us, to recognize each other, to rediscover that harmony and that complicity often forgotten or lost, to meet many other dreamers who, for various and inscrutable reasons, face the same path in search of a more serene and fulfilling human dimension.

carta_del_pellegrino2.jpgA friend who has traveled the entire "Camino Francés" from Saint Jean Pied de Port to the Atlantic Ocean in Cabo Fisterra (Finisterre), will accompany and guide us, also helping us to solve small problems during the journey and the planned stages.
Once we have arrived in Santiago with our respective flights, we will transfer to Sarria by bus to our first stop at the beginning of the journey. There we will collect the Pellegrino credential, a small booklet on which we will have one or more stamps affixed at the end of each subsequent stage in the various hostels, cafes or restaurants that we will visit along the way.
This will serve to demonstrate to the offices of the Compostela of Santiago (the Oficina de Peregrino) that we will have traveled at least 120 km (114 km to be exact), or the minimum mileage needed in order to obtain the famous "Compostela", the certificate which certifies that the journey has taken place.
It will be a wonderful one-week adventure in September 2022, to be lived intensely, remembered and told.


Travel period and duration

from 11 to 17 September 2022


The Path

carta del pellegrinoThese are the last 114 km of the Camino Francès from Sarria to Santiago.

Total 7 days (2 of travel + 5 of "stage")

Stage 1: Sarria - Portomarin 22.4 km

On the first day of the walk we will start from Sarria, a town located on the Oribio river and crossing country roads that flank cultivated land and grazing animals, interrupted by some small church and typical stone houses we will arrive in the village of Portomarin, a place of great tourist attraction located on a green hill overlooking an artificial blue reservoir.Its charming historic center will offer us a wide choice of cafes, cafes and typical restaurants.

Stage 2: Portomarin - Palais de Rei 25 km

On the second day of walking, nature will offer us beautiful landscapes, rich in green countryside and fragrant forests of tall eucalyptus trees (we will feel like we are in Australia for a while).We will arrive at Palais de Rei, a small, very rustic pueblo.  

Stage 3: Palais de Rei - Arzua 28.8 km

On the third day of walking, we will be halfway through our journey.We will continue to cross landscapes characterized by woods, dirt roads, stone bridges, small rivers and small puebli.For lunch we will stop in Melide, where we will have the opportunity to rest and taste the famous "Pulpo a la Gallega", a truly Galician specialty and not to be missed!We will arrive in Arzua in the evening.

Stage 4: Arzua - O Pedrouzo 19.1 km

On the fourth day of walking, we will continue walking in harmony with nature and along a simple and simple journey, always through fragrant eucalyptus woods, we will reach the town of O'Pedrouzo.

Stage 5: O Pedrouzo - Santiago de Compostela 20 km

santiagoOn the fifth and last day of the walk, we will reach Monte de Gozo in the early morning, a small hill from which we can finally admire the whole city of Santiago de Compostela, and with it the famous spiers of its cathedral.From there we will travel the last 5 km to our destination. We will arrive at the gates of the city, crossing its narrow streets and reaching the Cathedral.After a short break, the hugs and the usual photos in Plaza do Obradoiro, we will immediately move to the Oficina de Peregrino to show the credential and collect the certificate of successful journey.In the late afternoon, in the evening and possibly also in the morning of the last day and before the respective return flights, we will have the opportunity to fully experience the fascinating city of Santiago.


Return flight to and from Santiago de Compostela (Easyjet, Ryanair or Vuelling company)Public bus or private minibus hire from Santiago de Compostela airport to Sarria (starting point of the "Camino"), public bus from Santiago center to the airport.


“Ostelli del Pellegrino” agreements with rooms with mixed or non-mixed beds (average cost € 12/18) or for those who want “Hotels” (some with agreements but more expensive, average cost € 40).

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners

In the various cafes, packed or in the typical cafes that we will find along the way.

muralesBaggage and equipment

Minimum 40 / 50lt trekking backpack with rain cover, 1 pair of light and low trekking shoes such as Salomon, Scarpa, Hoka (no mountain boots), 1 pair of Teva-type sandals, 1 pair of flip-flops or slippers for shower, 3 t-shirts or short-sleeved polo shirts, 1 long-sleeved t-shirts or polo shirts, 1 sweatshirt or light fleece for the evening, 1 light but waterproof jacket, 1 sun hat, 3 pairs of short or long technical socks, 2 technical trousers (short / long), 1 bottle of 1 liter or backpack "Camelbag", 1 sleeping bag, 1 large but light towel in breathable and quick-drying cotton for the shower, 1 small towel, 1 sunscreen, 1 pair of sunglasses, 1 possible small umbrella for further shelter in case of rain.It will be fundamental to start with max 8 / 9kg all inclusive.N.B: to wash clothing, each hostel has coin-operated washing machines / dryers and areas where you can hang out your daily laundry.    

Travel expenses and costs

The costs to be incurred for participation in this adventure are indicative and refer to one of the last "paths" made.

  • Return flight from the main Italian cities to Santiago de Compostela with airlines such as Ryanair, Easyjet or Vueling about € 200
  • Transfer from Santiago to Sarria (beginning of our journey) by train or public bus. Based on the number of participants we could also rent a minibus.
  • Daily expenses between overnight stays, breakfasts, lunches and dinners: 80/100 € (with overnight stay in the Pellegrino Hostel).
  • Cost and offer for issuing the Credential document: approximately € 10.
  • To add a fund for the expenses and reimbursement of our companion around € 100.
  • For everything we should be within a total expense that does not exceed € 1,000. 

If you are interested in living with us this adventure in the land of Spain and Portugal, contact Marcello: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tel. +393358165975



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