Registration are open for summer 2022!

Christ's College

After having filled in all its parts and sent the application form, you will have to make a bank transfer of € 500.00 (five hundred / 00) as a down payment within 5 days.

The transfer must be made out to:
TennisVacanze amateur sports association, at Cassa Rurale Altogarda Rovereto
IBAN: IT73R0801634420000027093062
Swift Code: CCRTIT2T04A
In the Reason, enter the surname and name of the departing student.

Upon receipt of the bank transfer you will receive an email confirming registration with all the useful information for your stay and travel. Since the required deposit is used for the student's air ticket, in case of cancellation it cannot be returned.

We also inform you that we are planning an online meeting to present the program and to answer any questions you may want to ask. We will give you all the information necessary for participation in time.

The balance of the participation fee must be paid by 31 May 2022.

Application form

Enrollment for Christ's College


With the family in Eastbourne and Chester

You can make a reservation without paying any down payment.

All you have to do is fill in the booking application in its entirety and send it.

Upon receipt we will send you an email confirming the registration of your booking.

We will then send your booking to the ELC School which will contact you for the definition of your registration and for the administrative part.

TennisVacanze is at your complete disposal for clarifications, suggestions and support, for logistical assistance relating to air ticketing from all Italian airports, transfers to and from English airports or for any problem or difficulty in organizing the trip, or during the living room.

Booking request

Reservation for Eastbourne and Chester 


INFO 338.6949881